You can go explore by yourself or with our private tour the Angkor Wat temples and the surrounding of Siem Reap for a unique and memorable experience on our easy to ride electric bike.

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What is Ovelocity

Ovelocity is bringing green transport in the city of Siem Reap with our electric bike available for both locals and tourists to visit the city and its surrounding. Our quality electric bike for rental will give you a unique and memorable experience.

Fun and easy to ride

Ovelocity electric bikes are fun and easy to ride, suitable for all riders, is eco-friendly and good for fitness. In addition it is safe to ride in Siem Reap by respecting common riding practice like in any other country.

You just need to know how to ride a bicycle to be able to ride our electric bike, no riding license required.

Right speed and eco-friendly

Speed: Up to 25km/h, average riding speed in town 18km/h.

Riding distance: Up to 45km. You can go for an easy ride up to Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, East Baray and return to our shop.

CO2 emissions: 0 - Reduce your environmental impact while enjoying your ride.

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Our Offers

We are originating from Siem Reap, which means we know very well the surrounding. Feel free to ask us our recommendation in terms of private tour and itinerary if you go on your own with Ovelocity e-bike.

Never run out of battery with our Ovelocity e-bike charging station

You will find in the city and its surrounding charging stations to keep your battery charged while you take a break at one of our partner shop. All free of charge.

Offer Price Extra Hour Charged
Full day rental (24h) 8$ 1$
Half day rental (6h) 6$ 2$
Per hour rental (1h) 3$ 3$
Private tour (detail) from 10$ -
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